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JP Featured in Business Beware Article: What's the Toughest Thing?

JP Jones was recently featured in an article on the Business Beware Show website. The article is a part of the Ask the Experts series and asks the question, "What’s the toughest thing about starting your business and how did you overcome it?"

As one of eight business owners who answered the question, JP offers her unique voice. For her, the most difficult part of starting her business was not the beginning, but the "in-between" phase. It took her over 3 years to become solely self-employed.

"Because my company is client-based I needed that time to build up my reputation and customer spread. There were plenty of days that I was overwhelmed, overworked and overloaded, but with sheer grit and determination I stuck it out—and today, I’m so glad I did."

Read the rest of JP's response and the responses of other business owners by checking out the full article here.