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JP Shares Tip on Carol Roth's Blog

Business guru Carol Roth recently posted a blog about how to land speaking engagements. Of her many contributors, JP Jones lent her expert voice, telling the readers what has worked for her in the past.  She shares:

"Make it EASY for them to say YES! When trying to land a speaking gig, I've found that the more 'red tape' I can cut out for the event coordinator, the higher my chances are of getting the gig. Be sure to provide not only contact information, but samples of previous speaking engagements, references, testimonials or even just a list of similar functions/venues where you've spoken. Putting all of the information at their finger tips saves them the time/effort of researching you and you'll reap the rewards!"

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JP Jones Book Signing at Killer Nashville Event

JP Jones, author of "Market Yourself!: A Beginner's Guide to Social Media", recently held a book signing at Killer Nashville, a conference for thriller, suspense, and mystery writers and lovers.

Unlike other conferences and seminars, Killer Nashville offers five different learning tracks for those with varied interests and experience levels: a Writing Track, a Publishing Track, a Career Management & Promotion Track, a Forensic Track, and a Fan Track. That way, there's something for everybody!

To find out more about the conference, click here.

6 Questions on Social Media with JP Jones

JP Jones was featured in an article featured on Business 2 Community, an independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Public Relations & much more.

The article, entitled "6 Questions on Social Media with JP Jones", focused on JP's roots in social media, her opinions of social media in the future, and advice she would give to someone who is just starting out in social media.

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3 Marketing Streams You Should Swim In

In this recently-published article on How to Write a Book Now, JP Jones reveals three of the top marketing "streams", or facets of the industry, that writers should focus on when marketing their book. Find out what they are by readingthe entire article here!