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JP Talks Book Promotion on BubbleCow

JP Jones was recently featured in an article on BubbleCow, a website that helps writers get published. In the article, entitled "10 Topics Writers Should Talk About When Promoting Their Book Online", she shares the secret to successful social media marketing. She explores 10 ready-made topics that you can use to begin conversations and engage your followers through your social media accounts.

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How to Slay Procrastination

JP Jones was among the contributors who answered the question posed in an article published by Spirited Solutions: "How do I stop procrastination?"

In the article, JP shares tips and personal experiences with the "beast" of procrastination, advising readers to tackle smaller tasks first. That way, she says, "I find that I have the momentum required to tackle the tough stuff!"

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Stuck in the trenches of marketing?

Recently featured on Suite T (the author's blog of Southern Writers Magazine) is an intriguing article written by JP Jones herself. The article, entitled "The Trenches of Marketing", is geared toward authors who find themselves overwhelmed in a sea of marketing opportunities and don't know where--or how--to start spreading the word about their book. JP gives three simple yet effective tips to make marketing a fun challenge instead of a scary one.
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JP Featured in CCO Magazine

Choosing the right content management system is a vital part in the process of building a website for clients, so CCO (Chief Content Officer) Magazine asked several savvy individuals in the industry which CMS they preferred. Featured in this article is our own JP Jones, who recommends Joomla! as her CMS of choice. In her own words, it is "the most adaptable choice...robust enough to grow and expand with the needs of larger clients that have more than 1,000 pages."

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JP Quoted in Children's Writer Newsletter

JP Jones was recently quoted in an article published in the Children's Writer newsletter. The article, written by Christina Hamlett and entitled "Marketing: The Perils & Perks of Social Media for Writers", advises authors how (and how NOT) to use social media for marketing in today's tech-savvy society.

According to JP, social media outlets can be a place to "explore and test new avenues of writing; i.e., it allows them creativity that may not be expressible within their books or typical genre, and gives them a chance to let their hair down." She also recommends it as a great way to connect with peers.

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