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10 Ways to Improve Your Author Website

JP Jones was a guest blogger on Austrailian Writers Susannah Freeman 's blog, "Write it Sideways" on June 13th.  Here is a sample of the article:

"Unfortunately, I have met a lot of authors who frown upon the idea of having their own website. They seem to think if they’ve already written a book, they have done the hard part.

It’s my job to break the news that their work is just beginning.

I’m in a unique position to do that, owning both a publishing company and a website company (insert shameless self-promotion here). However, when I work with my clients on their marketing strategy, I’m quick to tell them, as they say down south, that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Nowadays, having a website doesn’t necessarily mean having to sink a lot of money into it. Heck, it doesn’t even have to mean sinking any money into it, but it is one of the deciding factors in the success of an author..."

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JP's Book Recommendation for Business Beware Show

Business Beware Show asked business owners: "What business book changed the way you do business or gave you a jump start?". JP was one of 37 small business owners to recommend a book to their peers. You can see what other books were recommended by reading the full post here.

JP Interviewed for Meridian Magazine

The advent of tablets such as the popular iPad have changed business as we know it, and many are asking the same question: is it worth the purchase? JP Jones gives her input in an article published by Meridian Magazine.

"(Jones) says she uses her iPad as an essential selling and display tool. Graphics are vivid and the Internet connection is crisp,so Jones - who got her iPad the first week it shipped in early spring 2010 - likes to gather existing and prospective clients around her tablet to eyeball Collipsis designs. The trim iPad weighs less than two pounds and is easy to carry from meeting to meeting."

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Should I Charge People For My Time?

In a recent Expert Panel Article for Business Beware, JP Jones lends her voice to answer one of the ever-growing questions among budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business-owners alike: "Should I charge people for my time?"

Among other experts, JP advises colleagues in this dilemma to evaluate each meeting with clients and eliminate those that aren't absolutely necessary to development.

"In my own businesses," she writes, "I am working countless hours a day and preserving my time is must. Time spent on the phone or in face-to-face meetings cuts down on production time. As a result, early on we set a policy of eliminating as many non-mission critical meetings as possible."

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JP Quoted in Article for The Business Fox

JP Jones recently added her input in an article for the Business Fox. The topic? How to discuss fees with clients, an area many professionals view with trepidation. However, JP suggests to deal with the issue head-on:

"My approach to discussing pricing with a client is to do it as soon as possible. Once I have enough information to give them an accurate quote I do so — if it's out of their ball park then we can end the situation without having wasted time in meetings and discussion on a project that's not going to be awarded to our company. "

To read the rest of JP's response, as well as the valuable responses of others, click here to view the article.