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16 February 2012 - Holly's Advice for B2C

JP was recently featured as a guest on Holly's Advice 4 B2C, a radio show which talks about everything digital that the average business owner needs to know. Her topic was "Twitter Do's and Dont's for Small Business", in which she explained how to effectively use Twitter as a social networking tool to reach your consumer.

The show was aired on W4WN.com (Women 4 Women Network) at 9 AM CST.

16 February 2012 - The Write Technology


On February 16 at 11:30 AM, JP Jones was featured as a guest blogger at The Write Technology, a blog helping writers utilize technology for fun, productivity, and profit. Her topic? How to take the writing out of typing, an interesting concept that involves the use of dictation software. JP explores the pros and cons of such software, and how it has made her life more dynamic and efficient.

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16 February 2012 - Dr. Shannon Reese's Spotlight on Success Show

Have you ever wondered why there is so much talk about branding your business these days? What does it really take to stand out in your field or service? JP Jones answered these questions and more on her interview on Dr. Shannon Reese's Spotlight on Success Show.


The show aired on February 16th, 2012.

6 June 2012 - Business Matters, Where Your Small Business Matters.

JP will be a special guest on "Business Matters, Where Your Small Business Matters", Wednesday, June 6, 8pm, (www.BlogTalkRadio.com/GrandmasSecrets). This talk show was begun by a small business owner whose goal is to inspire those who desire to start their own businesses, and continually uplift and encourage those already in business for themselves. Join JP as she shares her own inspiring story. Tune in, feel free to call in, (760-259-2307), and even join the chat room. And if you miss the show live, you can catch it in the archives!

20 October 2012 - Life After Publishing

October 20th, 2012

LAP Logo

JP Jones teams up with book marketing expert and author Leon Mentzer and online business owner Nicholas Clayton to bring the public Life After Publishing, a unique conference for authors who have just published a book and are wondering what to do next.

In previous years, Life After Publishing was held at a physical location and was a smashing success. This year, Jones, Mentzer and Clayton hope to make the event even more of a hit as the conference takes on a dynamic new format. Imagine being able to sit in a chair in front of your laptop and have access to quality speakers and enlightening powerpoints and illustrations, all from the comfort of virtually anywhere! The speaker team of Life After Publishing has worked hard this year to accomplish just that...bringing the public a superior conference experience in webinar format.

Mentzer's practical teaching style and real-life examples of other authors who started out just like you will give you the encouragement you need to "pound the pavement" and make your book a success.

Other speakers include, JP Jones, author of "Market Yourself: A Beginner's Guide to Social Media" and owner of Paige1Media. Jones teaches authors how to use FREE marketing tools to leverage their awareness through social media and the importance of creating online connections and networking.

Nicholas Clayton, owner of Collipsis Web Solutions, will share the importance of having a good Author Web site and what should and should NOT be included. What a good site looks like and how to achieve that without breaking your bank.

Wherever you are on the road of publishing you don't want to miss this conference! You are guaranteed to walk away with actual actionable steps that you can begin applying to your marketing and promotion immediately.

October 2012 - RBTC School of Missions

October 2012 (Date TBA)

School of World Missions
Broken Arrow, OK

RHEMA Bible Training Center

With the School of World Missions students at RHEMA Bible Training Center, JP Jones will be teaching effectively using Social Media and Social Media strategies to attract and retain partners and constituents.

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14 November 2012 - Smart Marketing for Small Business

14 November 2012








Smart Marketing for Small Business is a radio show that aims to answer your pressing marketing questions. JP Jones will be featured in an upcoming broadcast as she is interviewed Leslie Wolff, CEO of Smart Marketing Group. Listen to the broadcast here!