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29 May 2014, JP Jones set to be a guest on Today's Leading Women

Todays Leading Women

JP Jones, author of Market Yourself: A Beginners Guide to Social Media and 31 Days of Marketing, is set to appear as a guest on Today's Leading Women with Marie Grace Berg. Today's Leading Women is a top business and leadership podcast by women for women.

Host, Marie Grace Berg, states the following, behind Today's Leading Women,"I’ve always admired successful people, particularly WOMEN, and a light bulb moment came when I realized that’s exactly what I wanted to do - interviewing women achievers. Thus, the birth of Today’s Leading Women!"

During JP's appearance on the radio chat, listeners will be taken on JP's journey as an entrepreneur, touching upon: the defining moments, the challenges, the successes, and what’s next in her business. Questions will range from "What was the defining moment that prompted you to start a business?" to "What are your top 3 business advice for other women entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be as well as women in general who would like to take their leap into entrepreneurship?" to "If you were a superhero/“superheroine”, who do you be and why?". You don't want to miss the interview!

JP will be speaking on the radio show on May 29, 2014 at 1PM CST. To get more information, click here!